About Kirrikee

Kirrikee is a derivation of an Aboriginal name for the Flying Kite bird of prey, signifying our students’ opportunity to soar to the height of their potential.

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Mission Statement

Kirrikee Outdoor Education aims to offer a diverse range of outdoor experiences locally, regionally and internationally in order that we might challenge and change lives in the outdoors, through Christ.

About Us

Kirrikee Outdoor Education is a Christian Outdoor Education provider, working in association with St Andrew’s Cathedral School’s Outdoor Education Department. Kirrikee Outdoor Education offers a range of different Outdoor Education programs from site-based programs to expedition based programs, including activities such as high ropes, canoeing, hiking, abseiling and white water rafting. We operate in areas across New South Wales, the Northern Territory, Western Australia, Tasmania and New Zealand.

Kirrikee Outdoor Education also provides all the risk management, administration and logistics for the programs we offer.

Education beyond the classroom

Outdoor Education with Kirrikee takes students outside their comfort zones, challenging them constantly and aiding them as they mature into young adults. These experiences develop outdoor skills and leadership abilities of students, as well as help them to reflect spiritually and form strong and lasting friendships.

What makes Kirrikee special?

Kirrikee is an Aboriginal name for the Flying Kite bird of prey, signifying our students’ opportunity to soar to the height of their potential.

Kirrikee Outdoor Education is different from other providers’ as we have a commitment to providing a Christian focus in the outdoors. Our programs are staffed with strong Christian staff who have a passion for sharing and witnessing God’s love and grace. We offer intimate Christian reflection time as part of our daily debrief sessions, where we seek to challenge and grow participants’ views and understandings of the Bible, spirituality and what the sacrifice of Jesus means for us.

Our Christian staff are also highly experienced in the outdoors, and all our instructors are trained to a minimum Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation level.

Kirrikee Outdoor Education is the only provider in NSW to offer backcountry ski programs in the Snowy Mountains, and white water paddling trips down the Snow River for school aged students.

St Andrew’s Cathedral School has a comprehensive Outdoor Education Programme which we believe fosters personal growth, leadership, spiritual understanding and self-belief. Kirrikee Outdoor Education aims to share this successful model with other Christian schools aiming to offer their students growth outside the classroom, in a meaningful and memorable way.

From camping and walking on the Kirrikee property to overseas expeditions in developing countries, the Kirrikee Outdoor Education programme has something for everyone. Our diverse, challenging and stimulating programme allows students to attend an expedition that will suit their interests and abilities.

Need to hear more?

For more information about our teaching philosophy, please contact the outdoor education office directly at info@kirrikee.com.au or call (02) 9286 9652.

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